About the Center

The AARCC is located on the third floor of the Baytree Building, shown on the right.


The African American Resource and Cultural Center provides a wide range of support, resources, and programs for students from the African diaspora at UCSC. We encourage and facilitate student involvement and success in campus life, student organizations, academic excellence, and community engagement. The center provides leadership training, confliction resolution, advisement, and advocacy for the diasporic community on campus.

Since our founding as the first ethnic resource center at UCSC, we have striven to create and foster an environment in which students of African/Black descent excel personally, professionally, and academically through our commitment to celebrating our culture and providing multifaceted support and resources to students.


The mission of the African American Resource and Cultural Center is to provide support for the students in the African/Black community at the University of California at Santa Cruz. The history of the Center is steeped in UCSC tradition; we were the first ethnic resource center on campus after determined and dedicated students of color formed a circle around Hahn Student Services in peaceful protest and demanded that the administration recognize their need for support.

As we progress, we maintain the same sense of determination and dedication that built the African American Resource and Cultural over two decades ago. As an underrepresented minority in the University of California system, we believe it is more imperative than ever to commit to the encouragement and enrichment of students in our community.


Types of Resources We Offer

  • Employment Opportunities
  • Network Opportunities with Students, Staff, and Faculty
  • Listserv Announcements
  • Alumni Networking
  • Cultural Resources and Materials
  • Community Service Opportunities
  • Internship Information and Referrals
  • Program Volunteer Opportunities
  • Scholarship Information and Referrals
  • Fellowship Information and Referrals
  • Collaborative Partnerships
  • Student Organization Sponsorships



  • Community Welcome
  • Renowned Speakers
  • Community Receptions
  • Year End Graduation Ceremony
  • Film Screenings
  • Community Mixers
  • Literary Readings
  • Black History Month



  • Supportive Community
  • Safe Space for Students
  • Academic Programming
  • Graduate School Workshops
  • Computer Work Room
  • Cultural Programming
  • Community Lounge
  • Career Services
  • Cultural Exploration
  • Informal Counseling
  • Personal Advisement
  • Student Advocacy


Leadership and Development

  • Student Leadership Internship
  • Extracurricular Leadership Opportunities
  • Ambassadorship Leadership Program
  • Leadership Training Program
  • University Brothers/ University Sisters Mentorship