Black Grad

For over 20 years the African American Resource and Cultural Center has been hosting the annual Black Grad ceremony. Each year we come together to celebrate and honor our graduating ABC seniors on their amazing accomplishment. Black Grad is the AARCC's largest event of the year drawing in more than 500 students and their loved ones.

During the ceremony there are lively preformances, powerful keynote speakers, and the graduates are given a chance to say a few words upon recieving their graduation certificate. If they choose the graduates wear the traditional Kente Stoles. These stoles acknowledge that this fantastic achievement is only made possible through the support and contributions given to them by their loved ones and ancestors. 

Black Grad 2017 will be held on Friday June 16th 6pm-9pm in the Music Recital Hall

Important Dates: 

Black Grad Info Session 

Date: Tuesday May 23rd 

Time: 6-7pm

Location: ERC Lounge

Black Grad Rehersal

Date: Monday June 12th

Time: 12-2pm

Location: Music Recital Hall

Black Grad

Date: Friday June 16th

Time: 6-9pm

Location: Music Recital Hall

Dessert Reception

Date: Friday June 16th

Time: 9-10pm

Location: Music Recital Hall (Lobby/Outdoors)