Black Cultural Conference


The Black Cultural Conference has been on hiatus due to COVID. Please look out for its return in 2024! 


The Black Cultural Conference (BCC) is a call to action for the UCSC and Santa Cruz community to illicit courage, create dialogue, share our narratives, and be solution-based. We want to collectively engage and provide structure for issues in higher education, family, culture, health and so much more which affects the African/Black/Caribbean community. Through this conference, we want to help generate the questions and answers to build a stronger community to forge a united coalition. The four key pillars of The Black Cultural Conference are:


For African Americans, Africans, Caribbean, and allies to join together in harmony. To help form an agreement, that will lead us together into healing the disparities within our community.


To fight for equality amongst the African Diaspora, both within and outside of our community. To generate questions and solutions to the issues of injustices such as disparities within the education system, health, and economic disparities. Uniting in fighting for justice is important now and for our future generation.


To realize that in order to unite and heal our community we must change, things cannot stay the same. Uniting with one another, including allies, will help us fight and change the injustices in our community.


You must love oneself first to love others. To learn how to love yourself so that you may love others through their differences. Understanding oneself and others creates the power to change society.