Arts and Enrichment Organizations

Press Photo from the Rainbow Theater play Black Men on the Edge

African American Theatre Arts Troupe (AATAT)

The African American Theater Arts Troupe (AATAT) is a student-based organization that came together under the leadership and direction of Donald Williams in 1991. AATAT was formed as a vehicle to create unity, higher visibility, and understanding of the African American culture here at the University of California, Santa Cruz and the greater Santa Cruz community. The Theater Troupe not only casts UCSC students from different educational backgrounds, but also casts students that have little or no experience with acting, technical, and administrative work so as to allow anyone the opportunity to get involved with the program. The troupe is the only one of its kind in the UC System.

Destination Higher Education (DHE)

DHE is an outreach and retention program that is held every spring quarter. This is a 3-day program that includes personal, social and academic workshops that focus on the Black experience at UCSC and gives admitted students an opportunity to meet with the African/Black community at UCSC and see what student life is like.

Engaging Education (e²)

e² is a student-run, student-initiated center that addresses UCSC's low outreach and retention rates, and acts as a vital hub for self and educational empowerment within the community.

Gospel Choir at Porter College

The UCSC is a multi-voice choir devoted to the genre of gospel music. The choir is offered as a two-unit course for students during winter and spring quarters.

Rainbow Theatre

Rainbow Theater was established in 1994 with a mission to create unity, higher visibility, and understanding of various cultures within our communities. The goal is to foster the spirit of unity by breaking down cultural walls, providing an outlet for creative talents of various ethnic communities by giving voice, promoting dialogue as well as celebrating diversity and fostering communities. 

Proceeds From Rainbow Theaters Fall performances and other sponsors are used to fund the Rainbow Professional Series, which provides performances from professional performers and shows free to the public.


UMOJA means unity in Swahili; UMOJA is a student-initiated, student-run, needs-based program dedicated to keeping African/Black students at UCSC so they graduate having felt a sense of support from their university experience. We connect students with the resources they need to be academically and socially balanced. 

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